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Approved Filler and Approved Handler Test Certificate Training

HVAC and BMS Controls Training

Refrigerant License New Zealand are offering two day courses in DDC/HVAC Controls.  The course is led by an experienced HVAC Controls practitioner.  Courses will be scheduled when and where sufficient demand exists so please register your interest in attending a course. 

Who Would Benefit From This Course?

This course would suit Individuals that are looking to gain a fundamental understanding of control processes and application of Direct Digital Control (DDC) in the HVAC sector, or people seeking to enter the field of Building Management System (BMS) controls, servicing and engineering.

 Course Outline

  • Two full days
  • Prior booking essential

 Control Basics

Have a basic understanding of the control process

  • Describe what a sensor is and its use
  • Understand where sensors should be located
  • Describe how a controller works
  • Describe what a controlled device is and how it can be used

Introduction to Direct Digital Control (DDC)

  • Describe what a DDC is and have a basic understanding of the functions these devices can perform
  • Describe common terminologies used by a DDC
  • Understand the fundamentals of how PID Loops function
  • Describe some basic programming blocks used in a DDC configuration

DDC Networking Basics

  • Have an understanding of why we network DDC's
  • Understand how DDC's communicate and share information

DDC programming Basics

  • Describe a DDC program
  • Understand the basics of configuration logic
  • Understand how a program functions

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