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Approved Filler and Approved Handler Test Certificate Training

Useful Links

Please follow the below links to useful information provided by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA):

EPA Guide to Becoming an Approved Filler

EPA Guide - Approved Handler Test Certificate

EPA Guide - Location Test Certificate

EPA Quick Guide - Person in Charge

Releasing Refrigerants is Illegal


Collection, Storage and Disposal of surplus refrigerant gases: The Recovery Trust (RECOVERY) was formed in 1993 to promote and facilitate the collection, storage and disposal of all surplus refrigerant gases that were originally imported for refrigeration and air-conditioning applications and are now being discarded. The objective? To minimise and avoid any release of these ozone-depleting gases into our environment.

Please follow the following link to be connected to Refrigerant Recovery

Synthetic Greenhouse Gas (SGG) levy effective from 1 July 2013 



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