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Approved Filler and Approved Handler Test Certificate Training

Providing training courses

to the HVAC&R industry

The new Health and Safety at Work (Hazardous Substances) Regulations 2017 bring together the requirements for workplaces that work with hazardous substances into a single place.  These new regulations sit under the Health and Safety at Work Act (HSWA). It is important that you read our material in conjunction with all relevant industry standards, regulations, legislation applicable to you and your PCBU.  Please visit WorkSafe New Zealand for current requirements.

Welcome to the Refrigerant License New Zealand (RLNZ) website. We provide training courses to the HVAC&R industry:

  • Approved Filler Compliance Certificate (1 August 21, temporarily unavailable)
  • Approved Filler On Line Renewal (1 August 21, temporarily unavailable)
  • Ammonia Add-on for Approved Filler Certificates 
  • Flammable Refrigerant Safety Awareness
  • On Line Flammable Refrigerant Safety Awareness
  • EECA Energy Efficiency Courses 
  • Heat Pump Installation Good Practice Guide
  • Industrial Ammonia Plant Operations Course (course material developed and presented by AIRAH) 

The Refrigerant License Trust Board (RLTB) was established by CCCANZ and IRHACE, with funding provided by refrigerant levy collection, initially to develop and provide refrigerant filler and handler training and certification for HVAC&R practitioners.  Subsequently RLNZ has expanded its activities to provide a wider range of training and professional development for people in the HVAC&R industry.

Approved Filler Compliance Certificate Training

On 25 November 2011, the Commerce Commission approved RLTB’s application for restricting sales of refrigerant to those persons who have evidence of certification to safely handle refrigerant. This restriction by supporting wholesalers commenced 1 January 2015.  Now is the time to complete the required training.

To find out more about our Approved Filler Compliance Certificate course. 1 August 2021, temporarily unavailable.

Approved Filler On Line Renewal

Approved Filler Compliance Certificates are valid for five years.  At the end of the five year period it is possible to renew certificates.  RLNZ have a thorough, easy to follow, on line renewal course for refrigerant gases that covers all criteria laid out by the Health and Safety at Work (Hazardous Substances) Regulations 2017.  1 August 2021, temporarily unavailable.

Ammonia Add-on for Approved Filler Certificates

A short course available to people who already hold an approved filler certificate issued by RLNZ taking you through additional considerations when handling ammonia.  Following successful completion of the course a new certificate and license card will be provided adding Ammonia in the refrigerant traffic covered. 

Flammable Refrigerant Safety Awareness - face to face courses or online option

The world of refrigerants is changing. International environmental agreements mean a shift towards refrigerants with low global warming potentials; many of these refrigerants are flammable. This course, either face to face or online, is ideal if you or your employees are working with flammable refrigerants and want to be aware of the risks and requirements for working with them.

To find out more and to register on either a face to face course or our online activity: Flammable Refrigerant Safety Awareness Course

EECA Energy Efficiency Courses 

A group of courses available to give you tools to assist you with your discussions with customers regarding energy efficiency.  The courses have been developed with funding from EECA and include downloadable resources and links to tools.  There are four courses designed for different users:

  1. Energy efficiency for industrial refrigeration engineers
  2. Energy efficiency for HVAC engineers
  3. Energy efficiency for refrigeration and air conditioning engineers
  4. Energy efficiency for design engineers

Heat Pump Installation - Good Practice Guide

This course is based on the EECA publication "Good practice guide; heat pump installation".  The course is aimed at experienced installers of heat pumps and gives good practice guidelines for designing and installing residential air to air single split heat pump systems.

Industrial Ammonia Plant Operations Course  

This three day comprehensive course is suitable for refrigeration plant operators who need to gain a thorough knowledge of how an ammonia refrigeration plant operates, its components, legislative requirements and maintenance. It also covers safety in the event of an ammonia leak. The course is highly regarded by the Industry. To find out more about the Industrial Ammonia Plant Operations Course. and to register your interest.

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